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Free guide to copywriting

Fabriano CopywritingStruggling to find the words to promote your business? Writing copy, that is the words you use, whether it's for a website, sales letter, leaflet or brochure can be challenging. We've put together some top tips for writing effective copy that will help engage the reader, sell the benefits, and hopefully result in a call to action. What's more, you can download it for FREE- you don't even have to provide your details! Click below to download the ps marketing free guide to writing effective copy.

Free proof-reading guide

shutterstock_112331333Ever spent time, effort and money in ensuring some printed communication looks just right, only to discover there's a typo? Whether it's a paragraph that doesn't make sense on your key product or service, a spelling error, a phone number with a digit missing, or your website address is incorrect these mistakes can be costly.

Here's a FREE proof-reading guide that will provide some tips on how to avoid these mistakes.

Click below to download your ps marketing FREE proof-reading guide.