Editing and proof-reading

Editing copy and proof-reading icon monoAll those in favour say "I"!

http://programcollective.com/art-futura-splash Ever sent out a communication to your customers only to realise there's an error in something you've written? We've seen typos in emailers, incorrect website addresses on sales leaflets, and mis-use of an apostrophe on so many things! Proof-reading is an important part of producing any marketing or promotional material.

Do you find you're relying on spell-checker too much? Forgotten how to use an apostrophe? Similarly, maybe you just know that writing isn't your strong point. ps marketing can help by ensuring your copy is effective, and grammatically correct.

With a wealth of experience, and a stickler for grammar, we've undertaken proof-reading for a range of clients. This includes items from letterheads to websites, and 40 individual hotel brochures up to 16 pages long!

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